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The gateway to EMEA markets, Dubai offers exciting opportunities and a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.


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Expected population by 2027


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Live the Dubai life

Dubai has maintained world-class standards across all sectors, so you can enjoy a quality lifestyle all around.


Home to some of the most iconic landmarks, Dubai has invested heavily on roads and transport infrastructure.

Safety & Security

A Safety Index score of 80% (safearound.com) validates Dubai’s claim of being one of the safest places in the world.


From schools to universities, Dubai has affiliations with top international institutes from around the world.


Dubai offers quality healthcare services through a range of world-class clinics, hospitals and medical facilities.


Residents can enjoy time off at any of the city’s famous amusement parks, cultural festivals, art galleries, and more.

Ease of doing business

The UAE is ranked number 1 regionally and number 11 globally among 190 economies in ease of doing business.

Dubai as a design hub

Dubai has always been a hub for creative leaders and has emerged as the region’s favourite creative expression zone. Being the first city in the Middle East to be named as UNESCO’s Creative City of Design, the city’s cultural scene and the creativity instilled all around it have turned it into the region’s design headquarters. 

Dubai’s architecture, creative infrastructure, ease of doing business and attractiveness as a coastal, metropolitan city with high-end real estate has put it on a path to rival great design destinations.

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