Chalhoub Group inaugurates in Dubai Design District “The Soul’s spaces and arcades” sculpture during Design week


Dubai, 12th November 2020 – Chalhoub Group, the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East, and Dubai Design District (d3), part of TECOM Group, inaugurated “The Soul’s spaces and arcades” sculpture by artist Ehab Ellabban and meaningfully manifest the strategic partnership between the two entities.


The unveiling ceremony took place on Wednesday, the third day of Dubai Design Week, and was attended by several high-profile guests and senior figures including Patrick Chalhoub, CEO of the Chalhoub Group, Malek Al Malek, Group CEO of TECOM Group, Abdulla Belhoul, Chief Commercial Officer of TECOM Group, and Nabil Ramadhan, CEO of Dubai Retail and Khadija Al Bastaki, Executive Director of d3.


Following the inauguration, they toured a selection of Dubai Design Week’s exhibits and installations including the d3 Architecture Festival, the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation’s showcase of student work, as well as other key highlights from the region’s largest creative.


“The Soul’s spaces and arcades” is a field sculpture based on two similar and opposed parts converging together in the upper union of the artwork. The symbolic significance of the convergence of the two similar parts reflects an inevitable integration between the Eastern and Western civilizations and cultures, and by colliding they form one entity that embraces those who take refuge within its inner space.


The artwork reflects the innovation and the energy of the artists, designers and creative thinkers in d3, while representing the overall direction of Dubai, the melting pot of the world’s cultures where passion meets purpose. The internal structure with its reflective glowing surfaces, welcomes all viewers from different cultures and perceptions to have different visions of unity. Highlighting its ability to broadcast unlimited messages of compassion, warmth and generosity. Thus, the idea of hospitality and hosting represents a key foundation in the artwork’s structure that welcomes the viewer to ponder and reflect.


Patrick Chalhoub, CEO of the Chalhoub Group, commented: “The Dubai Design District is a fantastic success story. We were among the early pioneers in the region to believe in d3 at the time of the creation of The Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC) in 2013, to raise the profile of Dubai as a regional and global destination for fashion, design, creativity and innovation. We moved a large part of our activities and offices to the heart of d3 to anchor and support this creative community and we even launched our incubator and accelerator of startup: “The Greenhouse” to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. We have a long-term commitment to d3, such a fascinating community.


The “Soul’s spaces and arcades” sculpture designed exclusively by the artist Ehab Alabban which we are gifting to d3 and inaugurating today reflect this passionate energy of the creative minds we find in d3.”


The artist Ehab Ellabban, represented by Gallery Ward promoting multifaceted and compelling artistic production from the Middle East, commented “Soul’s spaces and arcades” sculpture explores the notions of space, time, timelessness and the possibilities of hospitable void and fullness. The artwork embodies a meaningful idea, which is the large dimensional architecture that embraces all viewers, the convergence of the two massive arches as they collide, demonstrate the idea of the massive embracing structure. This collusion plays a major role in strengthening the viewer’s feeling of awe and the silence of the inner soul.”


Khadija Al Bastaki, Executive Director of d3, said: “We are proud of our partnership with Chalhoub Group that is strategically important to our community and the wider industry across the region”.


“Public art is hugely important to the aesthetic, cultural and economic vitality of  communities and economies. It provides new ways to celebrate talent, elevates the profile of local designers, artists and thinkers, and defines the unique character of d3. From street art and statues to urban installations and bespoke furniture, we work hard to curate a collection of work that excites, entertains and inspires. The Soul’s Spaces and Arcades sculpture is a welcome addition that stands proudly at the tip of the region’s largest creative district.”


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